Hate Mail – From Me to Haier to You


Issue: Manufacturing defect in newly bought Haier AC

Hate: You should change your tagline from ‘Inspired Living’ to ‘Uninspired Service’. I’ve been contacting the Live Chat support team since morning to raise a simple complaint, which in all honesty, a douchebag monkey with a keyboard can do with less effort than it takes the poor creature to peel a banana.

Every time I start a chat, they never register my complaint and tell me someone will call or that my installation has been done. 80% of your chat team doesn’t understand shit, so in no way can they provide a solution. It took me at least 6 different chats to finally get someone with a functioning human brain to understand my problem and register a complaint.

Suggestion: Give each chat support agent a separate name. Wtf is Dr. Fido? There’s no way that I, as a first-time consumer, could know if I’m talking to the same guy or not. Seriously. Hire better, Haier.